A Coobook Case Study

When I got the opportunity to create a cookbook design I was very excited. Being Italian, the daily routine depends on the meals. Especially when I visit my grandma the meals are clockwork. When my grandma held the printed cookbook for the first time in her hands she teared up a little bit and I suspect, now she finally understands what I do for a living šŸ˜‰

Bernd SchĆ¼tzelhofer is a Gourmet chef who runs the restaurant Paulā€™s in Switzerland. With this cookbook ā€œEinfach Perfektā€ (Simply Perfect) Bernd SchĆ¼tzelhofer grants for the first time comprehensive insights into his kitchen and presents selected favorite recipes for cooking at home. In addition, the reader learns personal stories and backgrounds that influence his culinary art.

I worked on this project with the amazing people from the agency CONTUR and the talented photographer Lisa DĆ¼nser. To work on this cookbook for almost a year with such a great team was pure joy and a lot of fun.

Cookbook Design Stack


Chef Bernd SchĆ¼tzelhofer

Project Details:
Art Direction
Layout Design
Hand Lettering
Marketing Material

Art Direction & the Love for Details

Berndā€™s cuisine is very detail oriented and you can taste the passion that heā€™s bringing to each one of his recipes. I wanted to mirror Berndā€™s love for details into the cookbook design. Thus I added hand lettered artworks as well as many little illustrations and details.

Iā€™ve chosen a chalkboard background to reflect the local and fresh ingredients that Bernd is using in his kitchen.

Cookbook Design Chalk Lettering

The cookbook is divided in 5 chapters. Each chapter addresses a sections of his career: Lehrjahre – Years of Apprenticeship, Anfangsjahre – Early Years, Wanderjahre – Years of Exploration, GrĆ¼nderjahre – Founder Years, Genussjahre – Years of Enjoyment

Each chapter begins with a handwritten quote. An icon underlines the topic of this chapter.

Cookbook Design Illustrations

I added hand drawn details throughout the cookbook design to give it an unique and personalised character.

Cookbook Design Detail
Cookbook Design Chalk Illustrations
Cookbook Design Chalk Details

The finished Cookbook Design

The cookbook is 172 pages long. Each of the 5 chapters addresses a milestone of the chef’s career.Ā  The 22 recipes are a great variation of starters, main courses and desserts that you can try to cook at home. Some recipes even have a wine recommendation. Beautiful double-sided images throughout the cookbook give an even better look behind the scenes of Bernd’s kitchen.

Cookbook Design Page 1
Cookbook Design Page 3
Cookbook Design Page 5
Cookbook Design Page 6
Cookbook Design Page 7
Cookbook Design Page 8
Cookbook Design Page 9
Cookbook Design Page 10
Cookbook Design Page 11
Cookbook Design Page 12
Cookbook Design Page 13
Cookbook Design Page 14
Cookbook Design Page 17
Cookbook Design Page 23
Cookbook Design Page 25
Cookbook Design Page 24

Cookbook printing

Printing any type of a bigger publication requires a close collaboration with the printer. You choose the paper that fits best for your projects and discuss possible printing finishes.

These are images from the press check of the cookbook. Gladly the team of the agency took care of it because I wasnā€™t in Germany during the time the cookbook was printed.

Bi-Fold Invitation Card

The first book presentation took place in Berndā€™s restaurant in Switzerland. I created the invitations for this special event, a bi-fold card. Invited guests and partners could have a first glance at the cookbook and enjoy samples of the cookbook recipes from a flying buffet.

Cookbook Design Invitation Card
Cookbook Design Invitation Card Inside

Recipe Card Give Away

Guests who came to the book presentations got a little present. A wooden spoon with a recipe card attached to it. The recipe is one from the book.

Cookbook Design Recipe Card

Cookbook Design Cover Display

We printed the cover in a big format to make a bold statement at any of Bernd’s book presentations.

Cookbook Cover Display

The Cookbook Release

The cookbook release took place at chef Bernd’s restaurantĀ Paulā€™s in Switzerland. Amongst family, friends, business partners and guests the first presentation of the cookbook “Simply Perfect” was simply perfect šŸ˜‰ These are various impressions from that evening.

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