About Anja

Hello there! My name is Anja. I’m an independent graphic designer working with clients around the world. I create custom graphic design solutions to help you grow your business with effective branding, packaging, and corporate identity design work.

I have 8 years of professional experience in advertising and design agencies in Europe and Canada.

I studied design in Munich (Diploma Communication Design) and London (Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design) and gained professional experience working in design agencies and advertising companies.

Born and raised in beautiful South Tyrol (Italy), so far I’ve lived and worked in Germany, Austria, the UK, and Canada.

Before I launched my graphic design consultancy I previously held a full-time position doing the art direction for Torre & Tagus, one of the biggest home décor companies in Canada.

I’d love to help you create a confident, strong, and memorable brand with character and clean designs that will be timeless and easy to remember.

Print, branding and packaging design are my passion! I would love to help your business reach the next level with my expertise.

I’m looking forward to learning more about your personal or business project.

Get in touch and we can schedule a free consultation.

Say hi at hello@anjapircher.com or simply click the button below:

Portrait Photography: Ami Sanyal

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