A Wholesale Catalog Design for Home Decor

The catalog is the selling feature for Torre & Tagus. The wholesale company releases a new collection twice a year, which means the catalog comes out twice a year as well.

At the beginning of my time at Torre & Tagus, we did a major re-design of the catalog. The re-design included a modern layout and the introduction of lifestyle images.

Wholesale Home Decor

Torre & Tagus


Project Details:
Art Direction
Editorial Design
Set Styling

The Catalog Design Process

I designed five catalogs during my time at Torre & Tagus. One catalog had about 100 pages. The design process of such a big catalog started with a photoshoot of 450+ items in-house. I assisted the photographer and decorated the items with props.

After helping with the art direction of the photoshoot, I edited and retouched the images in Photoshop.

The final step of the design process took place in InDesign, where I arranged the images and copy in the layout. During this process, I followed a grid that I had designed earlier.

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