Editorial Design for Magazines

Concept Design Of An Adventure Magazine

This is an editorial design I did from scratch. From the client I got the page concept, images, headlines, subheadlines and the first paragraph of each story.

I hand lettered some of the headlines and made illustrations to give the magazine an unique look that fits adventurous activities in the mountains.

Concept Design Of A Business Magazine

This layout design I also designed from scratch. This time I only got the page concept, the head- and subheadlines and the first paragraph of each story from the client.

The briefing of this business magazine was to create a casual and modern look. This is the reason why I included many illustrations and some self-made hand lettering pieces into the layout.

Outdoor Magazine Design

This magazine gets published twice a year. I got the task to design the Summer 2018 issue. Based on the design of previous issues I designed the content and created customised infographics and icons.