Consultant Logo Design for a Software Developer

Dan is an independent software engineer, author, and speaker. He reached out to me for a logo design for his consulting business.

Dan imagined his logo to be simple, modern, and preferably in the color blue.

Software Development

Dan Bader


Project Details:
Art Direction
Logo Design
Book Cover Design

Consultant Logo and Corporate Identity

I designed the logo using Dan’s initials—DB. The logo reflects clean and structured code within a complex project. The soft, dark blue color conveys trust and security.

Consultant Corporate Identity and Logo Design for a Software Developer

Book Cover Design

In addition to Dan’s logo, I’m designing some of his book covers and online courses. More to come soon!

Adapting to the U.S. Market

Dan’s audience is mainly in the USA. For the Python Tricks book, we wanted to adapt accordingly. American book designs typically have bold typography stretched across the whole cover.

The big title and bright color help the book stand out among the huge range of listings on Amazon and other market places.

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