“Good Vibes Only” Poster Design for Your Home

A friend of mine asked me if I could letter the phrase Good Vibes Only for her. At first, I thought that this phrase was a bit exaggerating—Good Vibes ONLY? On rainy weekend day, I took on the little commission to create the Good Vibes Only poster.

Drafting the Good Vibes Only Poster

When I put the good vibes on paper, the flourishes came out so naturally! Even the grey weather couldn’t stop me adding more swirls and colors. I wanted to turn this phrase into a poster to hang in my office as a reminder, just in case.. 😉

The more time I spent working on this statement, the more I realized that this indeed should be the way of living. Even though it’s not always easy, thinking positively as much as possible is key in life.

After I finished the artwork, I did some research and found out that this statement is quite big on social media. There is even a hashtag for it: #GVO. I wondered where this came from and landed on a website named BON VITA that used that hashtag to promote their products. Now that I’ve explained the origin of this phrase, I’d love to get sponsored by them… 😉

Good vibes as much as possible, everyone! 🙂

Spread Good Vibes Only!

Download this letter-size, high resolution PDF and print the artwork at home or at a copy shop. Use a thicker paper (minimum 200g) for printing to avoid curled printouts.

Reproduction of this artwork is for personal use only; this excludes ANY use for commercial purposes.