Booth Design for a Tourism Trade Show

I got commissioned to create the facade cladding for a booth design.

South Tyrol is a small region in northern Italy. It’s nested within the Italian Alps and attracts tourists from all over the world all year around. That’s why the “Messe Hotel” trade show is such an important event for the economy in South Tyrol. During the four days the fair takes place, 21,000 visiting professionals come to see the newest trends of over 600 exhibitors.

The HGV stand is the biggest booth at the fair and contains a whole world within itself. It’s home to the Culinarium restaurant, the Alto Adige Wine booth, the HGJ booth, and several smaller info points.

Julia is not only my sister, but also the architect who designed the entire 450 m² stand. She asked me to take on the design of the cube’s facade.

Tourism & Gastronomy


Product Details:
Art Direction
Booth Design

Inspiration for the Booth Design

I gathered various samples of wall art and stuck with the vinyl wall art. It’s crazy how much detail you can create with these!

In the end, it was easier, faster, and cheaper to print the graphics on cloth. It also made for perfect sound insulation! We had a quadruple-win situation happening, and everybody was happy. 😉

Digital Illustration

The concept of this year’s booth was ‘forest and meadow’. Julia wanted to wrap the booth in a dark color like a forest. The inside of the booth would then mirror the meadows—a bright open space.

I illustrated silhouettes of trees and animals to create a minimal forest. We kept the design to different shades of grey. Just a few birds got feathers in the same shade of yellow from the HGV logo. Those colored accents created nice little details around the entire booth.

Fun Facts about the Booth

Arch. Julia Pircher created a feel-good oasis and an experience for all the senses. Entering the world of HGV gave you a break from the stressful fair and invited you to relax.

  • Real forest plants were placed along the sides of the booth. You could smell them by resting nearby on the iconic heart chairs.
  • When you entered the restaurant, you found fresh-cut grass under your feet. Of course, it was just an optical design printed on the floor, but it looked so real.
  • Waiting for the freshly prepared meals from the show kitchen, you could hear birds tweeting. A sound system was installed to create the experience of sitting outside in a meadow.
Booth Design for a Tourism Trade Show

Fresh Off the Press

The Hotel Fair always gets national and international attention in the media. I’d like to share one article that appeared in the local magazine where I grew up.

The article is about the love my sister, Arch. Julia Pircher, put into the booth. I’m so glad that I could be part of this project in so many ways and help create something beautiful!

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